We all know what they say about karma. By watching this video, you'll see first hand the saying is undeniably true.

This woman is ticked off initially because the people working at this restaurant apparently got her order wrong. She ordered red peppers, not green peppers with her meal. Her kids don't eat green peppers supposedly. The situation gets worse when the employees speak to each other in another language. Then, it really hits the fan when she's told they'll replace her order, but it will take 15 minutes.

Watch as she disgustingly parades around, ruining everyone in the restaurant's meals, and verbally berates the two behind the counter.

This is where karma decides to step in and cut her down a couple of notches.

Being quite proud of herself for her proclamation that "This is America, get it right the first time", she turns to storm out of the restaurant.

That's where the best 2 seconds of this video happen.

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