The United Cajun Navy is currently in North Carolina as the area is experiencing massive flooding from Hurricane Florence. Founder of the group, Todd Terrell, says water rescues are already taking place around the clock.

"We haven't slept in like three days.  There were cars that were flooded.  The water came up so fast, a lot of the people had to get out of there cars and get up on the roofs," says Terrell.

Terrell says the crew has already lent a helping hand with well over 100 rescues.

"We are probably pushing about 130 to 140 (rescued) so far.  I'm not 100% sure," says Terrell.

Terrell adds those that want to help can make donations via the United Cajun Navy’s Facebook page. He says the team is facing many challenges with the elements in the Carolinas.

"First of all the water is so strong, it's really swift water.  And another thing is, a lot of power is still on in these areas and the power lines are down, so we're fighting a lot of down power lines that still have electricity to them."

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