There is a battle brewing, pun intended, in the Louisiana legislature that would remove the official beers of LSU and the University of Louisiana from existence.

The measure proposed by Shreveport Representative and grandstanding politician Cedric Glover would like to eliminate the "official" connection between the trademarked beers and these universities.

Mr. Glover suggested in reports that he was concerned that these "official beers" promote underage drinking. Really? Just because a bottle or a can has a university logo on it that makes you believe it will push an underage person past the point of common sense?

Do you really believe these beers will send our state's youth down a rabbit hole of indiscretion, lies, and debauchery? God forbid! People with those characteristics become state representatives and we certainly don't need any more of those running around the state.

Mr. Glover with all due respect sir, don't we have bigger issues in our state right now? I know you're only in the legislature part-time but did you hear about the whole budget thing?

I do get your point about underage drinking. I also believe you're missing the point of who actually buys and drinks these beverages. I am pretty sure that most of these beers are consumed by alumni and supporters of these institutions. We also have pretty strict laws in place that enforce the legal drinking age of 21.

College kids that are of a legal drinking age don't buy these premium beers, sir. They are more likely to purchase Natural Light, Milwaukee's Best, Pabst Blue Ribbon, or one of the other quite drinkable but more properly priced for a college budget barley malt products.

You are aware that LSU and U.L. get money from the licensing of these products right? Oh wait, I forgot you're in the legislature and the single mission of that body is to destroy higher education. I am basing that statement on past actions regarding the pillaging of our state's future.

Just to be clear, I don't drink. I don't care to be around intoxicated people especially at a sporting event. However, Mr. Glover, I live in the real world. What you're doing is simply grandstanding on that old political go-to "do it for the children".

Leave these licensing agreements alone. They've been in place for a while and I don't think their existence has added to or taken away from the underage drinking problem.

Here's an idea, why don't you and your cast of ne'er do wells in Baton Rouge go pop the TOPS program back into place. That way kids and families in Louisiana can afford to attend these fine universities, become proud alumni, and then drink the beer that supports their school responsibly.


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