To have a six pack of abs or to not have a six pack of abs, that is the question. According to a recent Yale study, women are actually more attracted to the "Dad Bod" and here's why. says according to Richard G. Bribiescas, Professor of Anthropology, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at Yale, women are actually more attracted to men with a few extra pounds around the mid section. The reason, supposedly, is because it reflects lower testosterone levels, less muscle mass and more fat.

Now, we're not talking about men who are like, 65lbs over weight, we're talking about men who have that fresh "I Don't Care Quite As Much As I Once Did" look.

I'm so confused. How could all of this make men more attractive to women?

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That's not to say you should let yourself go. But from an evolutionary perspective, it makes sense. We don't have to kill mammoths or fight for caves anymore. Survival of the species is more about being faithful husbands and better fathers who stick around.

Well, this actually kind of makes sense. Even so, I'm still not buying it. Maybe men with a little extra in the waist might be seen more as marriage material, but more attractive to the ladies than Channing Tatum?

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