While we await the arrival of whatever kind of winter we call it in south Louisiana, one thing we are still battling is them dang ole pesty mosquitos. I may be able to suggest adding another repellent to your arsenal.

Try Victoria's Secret perfume and that just may be the best mosquito repellent you could have on.

A new study out of New Mexico State University tested a bunch of different types of mosquito repellents to see how effective they are. And for some unknown reason, they decided to throw in a Victoria's Secret perfume called "Bombshell".

And lo and behold the study found the perfume was actually pretty good at keeping mosquitoes away.

It performed about the same as the best repellents, all of which contain a chemical compound called DEET. It was even more effective than natural repellents or a skin patch. The skin patch was so bad it actually attracted mosquitoes.

The researchers didn't say why the perfume was so effective. However, one would think the fact that mosquitoes go out and hunt people that smell like, well, people instead of fruity flowers might just be a big reason.


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