The saying of "Don't knock it till you try it" is quite relevant with this one. Not that it looks bad or anything, it's just with 24 million views in only two weeks, you're probably going be expecting something on a much grander scale.

YouTube Desert With Bananas
Arab sweet Via YouTube


YouTube Dessert Driving The Word Crazy

Have you heard of this viral YouTube "famous dessert that is driving the world crazy! Without oven, With 1 egg only!"

Well, you're about to see how to make it and be as underwhelmed as we were seeing the finished product.

Now, as UN-fancy as this dessert will look when finished, it certainly shows promise that it probably tastes like 24 million views.

The promise of it "melting in your mouth" is the big sell, and that seems to be doing the trick to get people watch how to make it.

YouTube Dessert Ingredients


YouTube Desert Ingredients
Arab sweet Via YouTube


Once you've got all of the ingredients, you're ready to start cooking the best dessert in the history of the internet.

As it says, you won't need an oven, but you will need a stove or heat source.

If you make this, please let us know if this desert warrants 24 million views.


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