Walker Hayes' reflective "Craig" comes to life in a heartfelt black-and-white music video.

The song was inspired by a man named Craig, whom Hayes — a father of six — met at church one day. Hayes and his family had fallen on hard times after the loss of his record deal — at the time, they didn't even have enough seats in the car for all six kids — so Craig stepped in to help.

He showed up at the singer's son's baseball game with the keys to a new minivan in hand, handing the title over to the family ... free. Craig's incomparable kindness motivated Hayes to write a song in his honor, which was initially released in early 2018. The video finds the country star sitting a piano, performing as animated drawings act out the lyrics in the background, including sketches of a church and two male stick figures — symbolizing how Hayes met his benevolent friend — along with the car Craig gave him.

But beyond the song, Hayes launched the Be a Craig Fund to encourage others to pay it forward like Craig did. You can even nominate someone you know who is in need of assistance for consideration from the fund.

"I'm grateful for some of the scariest days of my life ... without them the story of Craig wouldn’t have happened. The Be a Craig Fund lets me be a Craig," Hayes says. The singer is celebrated Giving Tuesday on Nov. 27 by awarding the first donation from the foundation.

The Be a Craig Fund was born after the heartbreaking loss of Hayes and wife Laney's seventh child, Oakleigh, on June 6, 2018. Laney's uterus ruptured when she went into labor, which led to an internal hemorrhage and the death of their daughter. "Laney and I have cried a lot, but one thing that makes me the happiest is how much how love has been around us," Hayes told People at the time.

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