The greeter at the local Walmart. If you live in a small town you probably know this lady or gentleman by name. They welcome you to the store, offer to get you a buggy and do their best to start your shopping experience off with a smile.

Mr. Willie is a Walmart greeter. He understands what his job is and he is darn good at it. I would probably shop at Walmart if I had a greeter like Mr. Willie waiting to give me a BAM!

If you've actually bothered to read this far then you know there is a lot more to this video than the story of a Walmart greeter. To me, this video shows the difference between working with enthusiasm and just showing up to collect a check.

I am sure Mr. Willie is grateful to have a place to share his joy of life. I am sure he is grateful to get a paycheck for doing it too.Why can't all people approach their jobs like Mr. Willie?

You're thinking "not all of us like our jobs". I am thinking "then why don't you quit and do something you like to do"? "Oh it's not that easy" says you. I say "what is easier forcing yourself to spend a third of your day hating your life or waking up with the joy and passion of a profession you love"?

This video isn't about the money. I am sure greeters are not knocking down big buck at the Walmart. This is about choices. Mr. Willie might hate Walmart, the job and every son of a gun that comes in the store but he chooses to make the most of where he is. It's called blooming where you're planted.

Thank you Mr. Willie your enthusiasm for your job has just renewed the enthusiasm that I have for my job. You are an inspiration, I wish I could be there to get a BAM from you.

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