If you hunt, you know you want a deer camp. It used to be that having a deer camp meant lugging construction materials or a small trailer out in the woods and spending weeks putting it all together. Not any more! With this incredible new technology you could have a deer camp, field hospital, temporary housing after a hurricane, set up and ready to use in hours.

This new technology of fiber impregnated with concrete could change the face of recovery in the world. Imagine, instead of tents, livable durable shelter for storm victims. On the recreational side of things, a permanent structure that is stronger and more durable than a tent. It has more room for more people and its thermal properties make creature comfort easy to manage.

The best thing about this concrete structure is that it is inflatable. You only need to spread it out, add water and attach a small leaf blower to bring the structure to its full size and height. I was amazed when I saw this, I think you will be too.

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