Our friends at Earthcam are giving us a unique opportunity to see inside the world of the greatest symbol in America - the Bald Eagle. The eagles nest is located along the Anacostia River in Washington, D.C., and we get to view a live stream of  these great birds as they have been preparing for the arrival, and nurturing, of their new babies this spring. It is quite incredible to be this up close and personal with such a majestic symbol, and we can't wait for sightings of the new little eagles!

The two eagles that currently occupy the nest are called Liberty and Justice, and according to Earth Conservation Corps, on February 18th, Liberty laid her first egg, and a second egg followed on February 20th. The first eaglet was hatched March 26th, and the second egg followed on the 28th. It is truly fascinating to see the new mother protect and coddle her little ones with the whole world watching!

Watch EagleCam on EarthCam here - and God Bless America, ya'll!

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