If you ever have the chance to become friends with a member of law enforcement, do so. They have the best stories. Granted, some of their stories about man's inhumanity to man will break your heart, some of their other stories will truly make you laugh out loud.

This is one of those laugh out loud stories.

This video comes from France, it shows what apparently is a female sunbather alone on a beach. While you might think that's fine, under France's social spacing and lockdown guidelines it isn't. So, this police officer is simply approaching the "woman" to inform her of the violation.

I can only imagine the officer's disgust when he realizes that the perpetrator in the scene isn't even real. She's a blow-up doll. I don't know who put her on the beach or why they put her there unless it was for the sole purpose of wasting a public servant's time.

Like I said earlier, people in law enforcement have the best stories and I bet this officer has told this one over and over again. I am just glad that everyone was safe and the story of this "arrest" turns out to be over-inflated after all.


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