This was in our control room this week!

Spiders you either hate them or you're weird. That probably isn't a fair statement but it is more true than not. Spiders have a way  of sucking the masculinity out of any man and turning cool composed females into shrieking puddles of fear.

Why are we so afraid of spiders? I think it's because we never see them coming. How many times have you been outside walking and stepped right into a sticky web of what-in-the-hell-get-it-off-me! You'd wipe your hands on flaming wood just to get the spider web off of you.

Here is a case of spiders, technology and a weather girl meeting in a perfect storm. That is appropriate because she is in the middle of her weather forecast when the spider appears on the lens of the outside weather camera.To the viewer and to the weather lady it looks like that spider is three stories high and is about to land on her head. Watch as hilarity ensues.

You will also notice her colleagues immediately ridicule and tease her about the incident. You think spiders are bad you should hang around folks in the broadcast industry.

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