Photographers make a living paying attention to the details. Wedding photographers see countless couples as they begin their journey together. Along the way, wedding photographers start picking up on small details that they say clues them in as to whether or not the mirage will last or not.

According to, the wedding photographers they interviewed told them they pay attention to things like body language, how they look at each other, playful ways the couple communicate with each other and more. Photographers look for these moments to try and get the best, most honest pictures possible.

Both Ariele Chapman Photography and Photographer Erica Whiting tell that couples who laugh together during their photoshoots have a great chance of staying together.

"'When couples laugh a lot during their session, I can also tell how much they enjoy each other's company,' said Chapman. 'laughing is so important for couples, to jokingly make fun of each other, to not take life too seriously, to just go with it. When I photograph couples and they laugh during the session, it makes me know they are going to last, because they enjoy each other.'"

Something else photographers look for are things like subtle physical contact and hand-holding, even when they're not looking at each other. They say couples who do this have a strong connection that means they're going to last.

As far as observing the newlyweds at the reception, they've noticed that it's a good sign when couples "stay near each other during the reception even as they're socializing with guests and family."

What are the signs of a couple that definitely isn't going to last long?

Both photographers say that if they notice one partner is completely uninterested in taking the wedding photos and not willing to make any compromise to make their partner happy, it's a very bad sign.

Other bad signs are family members of the wedding parties not getting along, and  sarcastic, mean comments about each other from the couple while taking photos



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