The past few days we've all been telling our vaunted stories of survival versus the Great Snow of 2017. Okay, our tongues have been firmly planted in our cheeks with each story but still, seeing snow in Louisiana seems to be a rarity. Or is it?

The fact is that our state experiences more snow storms than we see hurricanes. For that, I am grateful, hurricanes suck. What makes snowfall even more uncommon is when you include the portion of the state that is south of Alexandria. The snowfall club gets even more exclusive if you go south of I-10 or Highway 14.

Cities like Lafayette, Crowley, New Iberia, Breaux Bridge, and, Abbeville see an average annual snowfall of 0.0 inches. If you compare that to Alexandria's average annual snowfall at .3 inches and Shreveport's 1.0 inch then I guess it's easy to see why so many folks were so excited to see falling flakes a few days ago.

What about the chances of a White Christmas in Louisiana? Basically, we're asking what are the chances of a very rare event occurring on one specific day. It ain't gonna  happen. The National Weather Service says Louisiana has a less than 10%, they don't say how much less than 10%, of seeing an inch of snow on the ground on Christmas Day. Don't feel bad that's about the same chances almost anyone living in the Gulf South has of seeing snow on Christmas.

Personally, I don't care for snow. But, I like hurricanes even less so I will still opt in for snow and take a pass on hurricanes if given the choice. Unfortunately, Mother Nature very seldom takes our wishes into consideration.


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