When you think about it our names are just sounds that people long ago dreamed up to describe one another. In many cases a last name was based upon a person's occupation, that's why there are so many Smiths. Our first names have meanings too.

I wonder, do we become what our name means as we grow or is there some sort of cosmic energy that tells our parents to name us the right thing. I know, pretty deep stuff from a man who can slide an Oreo off his forehead into his mouth in under 15 seconds..

So what does your name mean? Of the three of us on the Bruce and the Kennel club show, Bruce, Jude and Krista whose name do you think means "Christ-bearer"? Ok, you probably got that one, whose name means "brushwood or thicket"? That one was a little more difficult wasn't it? Ok, which one of the Bruce and the Kennel Club cast members name means "he who is praised"?

Just so you can check your answers, Krista means "Christ-bearer", Jude means "he who is praised" and yours truly, Bruce, is a bunch of dead trees and brush. I guess my parents named me right. So what does your name mean? Share with us what your moniker means and does it fit who you are?

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