College is one the biggest investments you can make in your future. With all the money and time you're investing in your education, you definitely want a good return on your investment. So, what Louisiana University is going to give you the best ROI? According to, it's about 3 hours North. has ranked the top 15 public Universities in Louisiana in terms of value of investment, and Louisiana Tech has ranked number 1.

"The best value colleges in Louisiana are public schools. In first place is Louisiana Tech University. Students who live on campus pay $69,400, and the net 20-year ROI is the highest at $440,200. In second place is Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College. Tuition for students who live on campus is equal to $82,700, and the net 20-year ROI is $410,300. Both of these educational institutions provide graduates with an excellent college return on investment in Louisiana. Both schools offer strong engineering programs and are located in the heart of the US oil industry, so alumni are close to future employers."

UL comes in at number 14 on the list just ahead of NSU in Natchitoches. The average 5 year cost for UL is $64,600, with the average return over 20 years at $198,400. Louisiana Tech's 5 year average cost is $69,40, with the average return over 20 years considerably higher at $440,200.

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