I've always been told they were called idiot lights, you know the lights that illuminate on your dashboard while you're driving. Some people will tell you only an idiot would ignore them, others would say only an idiot would spend the money to have the problem fixed. I must admit I have lived both sides of the equation. One time the check engine light came on and I lost an entire motor. Another time the check engine light came on and after two days in the shop it was determined that I had a bad "check engine light sensor" So, what should  you really do when those lights come on?

The majority of new vehicles, though, have multiple warning lights. Turn your engine off, then turn it to the "accessory" position, right before the starter engages, and briefly, all the warning lights will illuminate. If you're lucky, that's the only time you'll see them, but it's a good idea to match the symbols to the information in your owner's manual to get an idea of how to respond if a warning light illuminates.

I have found the best solution is find a mechanic you can trust and keep going back to them. Once you've found your guy or gal, they will shoot straight with you because they want your business in the future. But if you'd like to know more about what those lights are supposed to me, please give a click below.

(via Check engine lights: What those lights on your dashboard really mean - Orlando Sentinel.)