Every year our employers are usually kind enough to offer us at least a week or two to recharge our batteries and get away from our normal routine. Vacations are a good thing not only for you but for where you work. If you have a chance to reset and refocus you usually come back as a better employee. Really, it's true.

For a lot of us our annual vacation is the same trip in a different year. Many of us in Louisiana will point the car toward the east and find ourselves meandering among the masses at Orange Beach or Destin or Panama City. We like the beach. It's our favorite vacation.

A recent survey showed that after the beach there appeared to be a split among the genders regarding a secondary destination. For ladies a National Park seemed to be the next best idea. For the gentlemen a visit to an unexplored city was the second choice on the vacation to do list.

One thing we all agreed upon is we hate vacation traffic jams. That may be the single biggest frustration expressed by everyone. Another pet peeve that survey participants related was having noisy neighbors in the next hotel room or condo.

When asked would you rather sit next to a crying baby on an airplane or experience turbulence the division again fell along gender lines. Ladies could tolerate the crying child, men opted for turbulence.

One thing is for sure where ever you're heading this Summer you can take us along with you. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the Radio Pup App from Google Play or the Apple App Store. That way your home town radio station is always in your pocket and in your ears.

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