I've got to quote my old bald headed Uncle from Grand Cane on this one; "Well, that's about as clear as mud."

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His words couldn't be truer when it comes to the total chaos many have discovered recently in regards to renewing their Louisiana Hunting and Fishing Licenses.

The Rules For Louisiana Hunting/Fishing License Renewal Changed In 2022

Prior to this year, those licenses always expired on June 30, regardless of the date they were originally purchased. However, last year, in 2022, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries announced a number of changes to the former way of license renewal.

LDWF License

Most of us were tickled that one of those changes moved a license expiration date to one year from the previous license purchase.  An example would be that if you purchased your licenses on July 3, 2022, they would be good through July 2, 2023.

You Can't Actually Renew Your Louisiana License Before It Has Expired

Therein lies the rub.  As most outdoorspeople in Louisiana are truly conscientious and want to play by the rules, keeping an updated unexpired hunting/fishing license is paramount, so renewing that license BEFORE it has expired is an important part of responsible hunting/fishing.

However, after much head scratching and several trips to national retailers like Bass Pro Shops and Academy Sports, it's been discovered that a person CANNOT make that purchase before the old license has expired.

It's Not Just Something That Can't Be Done At A Louisiana Retailer

I even made the attempt to circumvent the possible "retailer disconnect" and try to renew my licenses online at the LDWF website and was clearly unable.

LDWF Cannot Make Fishing License Purchase
LDWF Hunting Unable To Purchase

Then, after my unsuccessful renewal attempts, I got this nice little email from LDWF, basically telling me there was nothing I could do:

LDWF Email

I did discover from a number of fellow outdoorsmen that the auto renewal selection really does work.  Problem is, that you can't go online and select "Auto Renew" for the license you purchased last year. You are only able to make that selection on the next purchase.

So, for all intents and purposes, should a person have a fishing trip planned on Toledo Bend next week. Let's say their fishing license will expire on July 3. Due to the current restraints, they can't renew that license now, before they head to the lake. So, sometime on July 3, BUT BEFORE they head back out on the water at daylight July 4, they'll have to make that purchase or be in violation.

My Uncle is definitely right on this one! It's "clear as mud."

Just go HERE to the LDWF website to see more.

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