It happens to every man, that moment when he realizes that he has found the one woman he simply can't live without. It's the kind of love that we all dream of, the kind of unbridled passion that can only come from the heart.

With Valentine's Day coming up next Friday we men will again be left scrounging through the greeting cards at Walgreen's hoping to find one that says what we we think we want to say. Also we hope to find a card that hasn't been bent to hell and back by other desperate men.

I know we, the male  of the species, don't or won't always find those incredible words our ladies long to hear. What woman wouldn't want to know that to the love of her life she is his very reason for drawing a breath.

This is how a woman wants to hear true love confessed.Women want a man who knows them. A man who wants to know them better. A man who is willing to empathize with their feelings and put his macho fix it mentality aside for a kinder gentler approach. This may be the perfect definition of what it means to truly love someone with one little exception right at the end. If you can over look that small detail it's all good.

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