If you look at the picture below you might notice something is missing. Yes, that is my family. The kid with the cap and gown is my son Jack who just graduated from Georgia Tech. Next to Jack is my daughter Anna. Then comes me, my wife Jill, my nephew Zach and my brother in law Steve.

It looks like a normal post graduation photo right? But wait there is something supernatural about the photo. Well, not really, it's more of an optical illusion. Take a look at the picture for a moment and I will explain.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

I have to admit I didn't notice this until I shared it with some friends of mine on my Bruce Mikells Facebook Page.

The issue has to do with me. No, it's not that I am wearing a suit. The issue has to do with the fact that I only have half a body and appear at first glance to be floating. I guess that's what happens when everyone in the graduation party wears black pants. I have to admit it does look like I was badly photoshopped into the picture.

I also wonder why what hair I have left decided to go all Guy Fieri on me.

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