We were all shocked and saddened with the sudden death on Saturday of Cory Monteith of the hit FOX TV show 'Glee'. Even if you didn't watch the show, you probably knew who he was. But with the new season being filmed just a few weeks from right now, it's a very very big dilemma for producers on which direction the show will go without Finn.

From USA TODAY: FOX, the network that airs Glee, is discussing internally how to handle the show's new season, which was originally slated to premiere Sept. 19, before taking a break for the baseball playoffs. If the network opts to delay the air date, it would likely happen after the World Series, meaning late October or early November. Another big issue: how to handle his death on the show, especially in terms of story lines. Complicating the issue is that Monteith dated his show co-star, Lea Michele.

This is just so sad all the way around. I can't think of anything more sad than dying in a hotel room by yourself at the age of 31. RIP Cory.


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