If you said "at a bar in Cankton" then you'd probably be wrong. Unless you were at a bar in Cankton and the bee in question happened to defend itself with a sting on a certain part of your body.

I want you to think about that for a minute. Chances are we have all be stung by something at sometime in our lives. It hurt every time. However, there are some body parts that transmit that pain at more noticeable levels than others.

The concept for this question was an award winner at the 25th Annual Ig Nobel Awards. The Ig Nobel awards are a parody of the Nobel Prize Awards. The Ig Nobel awards offer awards for unusual or trivial achievements in the scientific realm.

Among the awards that were handed out at the 2015 Ig Nobel Awards ceremony were ones for research done concerning urination. It was determined that most mammals urinate for 22 seconds at a time. Another study found that a weighted stick attached to a chicken's butt will make it walk like a dinosaur. Still another award winner discovered that the word "huh" exists in just about every language and it means the same thing in all those languages.

For me, someone who dislikes wasps and other stinging and biting insects, I was most intrigued by the study that discovered the very worst place on the body to be stung by a bee. Have you made your guess as to what you think that place is?

I am sure quite a few of you went for the genital area and you'd be close. A sting on the shaft of the male reproductive organ was indeed in the top three. The other two places that were deemed the most painful places to be stung by a bee were the upper lip and the nostril. The researcher who actually allowed insects to sting him in these various places described a nostril sting as an entire body experience.

I can understand the nose thing. If you've ever gotten a zit on the inside of your nose then you know how painful it can be. I don't even want to consider a sting in the private parts. I do recall as a child being bitten by chiggers on camping trips in that particular body part. The swelling was incredible and not in a good way.

If you'd like to watch the entire Ig Nobel Prize award ceremony it is available on You Tube. I can't vouch for the language or topics covered in the video so watch at your own risk.

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