If you want your spouse to be faithful, don’t let him or her drive Toyotas or Hondas. That’s according to a survey done by infidelity site AshleyMadison.com, whose tagline is “life is short, have an affair.”

In an unscientific poll of 2,500 men and 1,000 women, the site found that among its users, men are most likely to drive Toyotas, while the majority of the women own Hondas. The second most-popular car manufacturer for both is Ford, which kind of pokes a hole in the theory that cheaters always drive sleek foreign sports cars.

In a statement, AshleyMadison CEO Noel Biderman said, “Cars can represent a lifestyle, denote financial success and show personality but our survey clearly proves that people having affairs are everyday people.”

Here are the top five most popular cars among men:

Toyota (20.9 percent)
Ford (12.3 percent)
Chevy (10.2 percent)
Honda (7.1 percent)
BMW (6.4 percent)

And here are the top five among its female users:

Honda (22.3 percent)
Ford (13.4 percent)
Toyota (10.3 percent)
Chevy (7.3 percent)
Mercedes (6.6 percent)

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