Does your intelligence or success have anything to do with your Zodiac sign? Probably not, but maybe. A recent study looked at the Zodiac signs of 900 Nobel Peace Prize winners to see if there was any correlation, and here's how it all shook out...

When it was all said and done, says Gemini came out on top with 97 Nobel Prize winners. Libra came in a pretty close second with 93, and Virgo came in third.

While I'm not a huge believer in Zodiac sign stuff, I have to admit that I agree with the description of why Taurus lands in the middle of this list at number 6. says "If we want to give in to stereotypes, this ranking actually makes sense. Taurus is known for their love of leisure and luxury, and they can also be a bit lazy. Some Taureans would just rather enjoy a picnic with really good cheese and wine than chase down a Nobel Prize."

I do love me some cheese.

Below is the ranking of all 12 Zodiac sign with relation to number of Nobel Prizes won.

For more about how this was all put together head over to

1) Gemini

2) Libra

3) Virgo

4) Cancer

5) Aries

6) Taurus

7) Sagittarius

8) Pisces

9) Aquarius

10) Leo

11) Scorpio

12) Capricorn


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