A very unique Toyota sedan is causing a lot of conversation in Carencro area.

Is he going back to the future? Is this even legal? Where are the doors?

Those are just a few of the questions that I've seen posted in regards to the white Toyota Corolla that has popped up on my timeline no less than 10 times this week. I've seen photos posted everywhere from the Carencro Walmart to the Super 1 near Taco Bell. Some people have even claimed to see the vehicle in the Grand Coteau/Sunset area.


Based on a post from a local Toyota dealership, this car is definitely running and seems to have been serviced recently for a cross-country trip.

The car doesn't seem to have any visible doors. I can't spot a bumper on the front of the back of the vehicle, but clearly, this thing is rolling hard (and often) enough to have gone viral in local Facebook groups as people are truly amazed that this car is even functioning.

One photo has gone viral, being shared over 200 times after being spotted in the Carencro Walmart parking lot.

The comment section included folks who were equal parts impressed and perplexed.


Others pointed out that the owner was just doing what it took to get "from A to B!" Someone even shared a video they took in Grand Coteau.


Someone shared a bit of a back story that seems to gel with the post from Courvelle Toyota. To me, this vehicle may raise a few eyebrows or spark a chuckle of laughter for some (and that's OK!) but this is an example of what "by any means necessary" looks like—and if this story has even an ounce of validity, I applaud the owner and driver of this vehicle!


We've all had a vehicle at some point that made us wonder if we'd even make it to work or wherever our destination may have been, but we managed to make it happen.


Whoever is driving this white Toyota is getting a round of applause from me, and deserves to get some upgrades to their vehicle for finding a way no matter what their circumstances may be.

If you know who drives this vehicle, let them know that I'm impressed and that they're inspiring a large part of our community to keep pushing!


Someone, get Toyota on the phone! These cars are clearly invincible!

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