Television viewers who get TV service through Direct TV were probably ready to wake up to a New Year's Day filled with local news, Good Morning America, and football on ABC affiliate KATC TV 3. Instead they are waking up to the cold reality that big companies like to throw their weight around . That's why you aren't seeing Tracy and Dave this morning, you are seeing this very accusatory message. The message on Direct TV reads

The ownership of this channel has removed it from the DIRECTTV line-up despite our repeated requests to keep it on.

This announcements has angered many KATC viewers and the tone of the message seems place the "blame" squarely on KATC.  I can assure you that is not the real truth. The folks at KATC have also released statement which seems to be more inline with reality.

KATC, in their message, indicates that negotiations between the programmer and the service provider is ongoing. Let's be honest TV viewers in Acadiana need the coverage provided by KATC. No other ABC affiliate will do because no other television station has demonstrated the kind of desire to serve the Acadiana community like KATC has.

Both DIRECT TV and KATC have suggested means for you to communicate your displeasure. DIRECT TV has a website altruistically titled where you can get their spin on the disagreement. You may also call 1-800-531-5000, this is the number provided by KATC.

Just to be clear and offer full disclosure to you the reader. 97.3 The Dawg works very closely with KATC TV. They are not only good friends but incredible broadcast partners. I have spoken with many of the KATC crew this morning and they are heartsick that they are being blocked by one provider from giving you your TV station of choice.

I do hope the attorney's can figure out the difference between their heads and their butts and get this thing resolved. If not might I suggest Cox Communications or LUS Fiber as your provider for television programming .