Despite what you may hear on your radio newscasts or see on television news today this isn't a bad world. There are a lot of good people in this world. Most of those good people have at least one other good person in their life to share the good times. Ray Johnstone did not.

Ray is a widower from South Australia and his classified ad has gone viral around the world because of its reflection of genuine innocence.

I'm a widowed pensioner who is looking for a fishing mate. My previous fishing mate is now deceased. I am a land based fisherman. I have all the gear for all types of fish that is required for land-based fishing.

That quote was featured on the website Mashable and the quote and the classified ad have gone viral. Perhaps it was the simple request, perhaps it was the unique switch from all caps to lower case at random intervals that caught the internet's eye. Regardless of the reason, the advertisement was certainly noticed.

Johnstone explained further in the ad that he is looking for someone who enjoys fishing and would be willing to split costs for fuel and bait.

Perhaps the best news of all is that an Australian Television station is reporting that because of the viral nature of the advertisement Mr. Johnstone has, in fact, found the companion he was looking for.


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