WAFB is reporting that the wife of Baton Rouge police officer Matthew Gerald, who was killed in the tragic Baton Rouge police shooting, is pregnant.

Dechia Gerald told WAFB she believes the baby was conceived about five days before her late husband's death.

Gerald tells WAFB "I just wanted to let the world know about our gift that Matt left behind when he left us."

She says her 3-year-old Fynleigh and her 9-year-old Dawclyn somehow knew she was pregnant.

Gerald says that her daughter told her that Jesus let her know there "was a baby boy in my tummy." 

She says her daughter Dawclyn said to her, while she was picking out clothes for her late husband's funeral, "Mommy, I don't know why you're complaining. Because you're pregnant".

Gerald is currently 10 weeks pregnant.

You can read more on this incredible story over WAFB.com.

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