You could win $1,000 just for having a birthday.

Wait a minute, you're saying, "like everyone has one of those!" Yep, that's the idea.

Each weekday in the month of April here on 97.3 The Dawg we're going to play the Birthday Match Game and each time someone will have a chance to score a grand.

Here's how the contest works. We will play the game three times every weekday -- at 7:40am with Bruce & Jude, 1:40pm with Michael Scott and at 5:40pm with Stephanie Crist. About 30 to 45 minutes before we play, we'll reveal the winning month. If you were born during that month, you're a potential winner.

At the designated play times, we'll take caller #7 at (337) 261-9797 and that person will get a chance to match their birthday and win. If you have a matching month, that's $50. We'll then give out a day, and if your birthday is on that day, that's another $50.

And finally, we move on to the year. A spin of the "Wheel of Years" will reveal the winning year. If you were born that year, $1,000 is all yours!

We have one final little gem for you. Each day we'll send out a special notification via the 97.3 The Dawg app. In that little nuggest of information, we'll divulge the winning months for each hour of play. So at the very least, you can tell a friend to be listening!

Hey happy birthday...whenever it may be! And good luck scoring some birthday cash from 97.3 The Dawg.



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