When I was a kid I went to the Baskin-Robbins in Starkville MS and ordered a cone of ice cream that was recommended to me by a friend. That friend is no longer a friend because that ice cream was the worst I have ever tasted. It was called Cold Duck. This wasn't even the Gueydan kind of "duck" this was supposedly some wine flavored ice cream. I was not impressed.

I am not sure if the 31 flavors people still carry that noxious flavor but at least one Louisiana legislator thinks wine and ice cream are a great combination. Marcus Hunter a representative from Monroe had proposed a bill in the current session of the legislature that would allow those licensed in the state to manufacture and sell wine ice cream.

I didn't even know that alcohol infused ice cream was a thing, but apparently it is. The sticking  point with the continuation of the legislation was how to regulate the sales of wine ice cream. We don't want a bunch of 12-year-old kids getting drunk on two scoops of Mogen David and then trying to ride their bicycles.

So this legislation has been tabled for now but Representative Hunter hopes to bring the proposal back before the House Judiciary Committee at a later date when the issues of regulation have been worked out.