In America, if we hear screams coming from a wall we usually think, "hey, we should help this person!" In China, apparently one's first instinct is "help, there's a ghost in my wall!"

Late on Saturday, a woman was walking home in Anhui, in eastern China, and tried to take a shortcut through a narrow passage in between buildings. It got narrower and she ended up getting stuck. So, she did what any of us would do, she started screaming.

No one in the building decided to help her because they thought she was a shrieking ghost! She stayed trapped for seven hours.

Finally, someone passed by and thought that the screams might actually be from a human. So he called for help.

Firefighters got the woman out in about 20 minutes. She was okay from the incident. (But she probably passed a few slaps on the patrons of the building.)

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