My wife likes chocolate, but somehow I don't imagine she would've ever made herself a wedding dress out of Hershey's wrappers.

Taco Bell for one lady, different story!

A woman named Diane Nguyen really wanted to win a contest with the fast food chain where the winner would get to have their dream wedding at the Las Vegas location for free.

Oh, yeah, the Taco Bell in Vegas has a wedding chapel inside!

Nguyen wanted her entry to stand out so she got a bunch of unused taco and burrito wrappers from a Taco Bell and fashioned herself a pretty sweet-looking dress.

"Taco Bell has been there through the years, from the after school runs, to late meals after work (or a night of partying)," she wrote in an Instagram post. "Our love for each other is as cheesy as a quesadilla. We’re nachos getting married, it’s going to be a Las Vegas tacover. Lettuce celebrate our love at the Taco Bell Chapel in Vegas, cuz we are ready to guac and roll."

How could you not vote for her after all those awesome puns?!?

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