We've all heard of smoked ham but blazing ham? It's got to be an Alabama thing. Well, of course, it is. This all happened at a motel in Athens Alabama and according to the story posted on AL.com, it was less about ham and more about a family disagreement that got sideways in a hurry.

According to reports, 62-year-old Beverly Harrison was given a package of ham by her family. The intent was for her to eat the ham. She chose instead to light the package of ham on fire and throw it in a garbage can.

The story explained that when the smoke began to fill the room Harrison and her dog left the room without alerting anyone to the smoldering pork. The blaze eventually became large enough to ignite a butane bottle. The small explosion and fire were eventually reported to authorities who managed to bring the situation under control.

Harrison was arrested and charged with arson and is currently being held in the Limestone County Jail. If convicted, Harrison could face life in prison.



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