According to KATC, the body of a woman has been found near Grosse Tete, in a ditch on Rosedale Road.

Police are currently working to identify the body. Officials have yet to confirm if it's the body of Lyntell Washington, a teacher who went missing last week near the area. Washington's three-year-old daughter was found alone, wandering around a parking lot near by.

Last Friday Robert Marks, a 39-year-old assistant principal at the school where Washington has worked, was arrested and charged with kidnapping and child desertion related to the three-year-old girl.

KATC reports that a co-worker has stated that Washington was seven months pregnant with Marks' child, and had threatened to tell Marks' wife about their affair.

Along finding what police say was a "significant amount of blood" in the Robert Marks' car, they say the three-year-old told investigators that "Mr. Robbie had hurt her mother" and that she was now "sleeping".

She reportedly also told detectives her "mom is in the lake".

Lyntell Washington photo courtesy of WBRZ via KATC