How does one learn to be a good baby sitter? What kind of addictions are your kids facing that you might not even be aware of? How do you teach your adolescent child about the changes their body is going through during puberty? These are all difficult question for parents to answer but thankfully the Woman's Foundation of Acadiana is here to help with a great selection of Summer activities for your youngsters.

The Safe Sitter class I can personally recommend, my son Jack, yes my son completed this class a few years ago and the knowledge he gained was invaluable.

The Body Talk classes are designed to help kids understand their changing bodies during puberty. The class also helps them feel not so alone during this challenging time in life. With very age and gender specific classes scheduled this might be just the class to help you as a parent connect with your pre-teen or teenager.

The T.L.C. classes are presented as a way to help teenagers cope with life events on their own terms. The series of classes will address concerns about moving on to high school, how to find friends that are going to a positive influence in your life, how to get a long with your parents and some very honest and frank discussions about dating.

The Woman's Foundation,affiliated with Women's and Children's Hospital, has on going educational opportunities for kids and parents all year long. I do hope you will take a look at what they have to offer and remember you are not in this alone, there are caring friends that want to help along the way.