In order to receive unemployment benefits, Louisiana residents will now have to show proof that they are actively seeking employment. In fact, those wishing to qualify for benefits will have to show that they have applied for at least three jobs a week in order to qualify or maintain those benefits.

The good news is that, according to the Louisiana Workforce Commission, there are jobs out there and there are companies that need workers. You can see what jobs are available through the website. Another advantage of applying through that particular website is that your data will autofill when you got to submit your weekly unemployment certification.

Previously the work search requirement to obtain unemployment benefits in Louisiana had been waived by Governor Edwards in early April, however, it has since been reinstated. Meanwhile, in Congress, the debate rages on about a federal enhancement for those who find themselves without work during the coronavirus pandemic.

The sticking point in those debates appears to fall directly along political party lines. Democratic lawmakers seem to favor the reinstatement of a $600 weekly federal enhancement for benefits through the end of the year. Republican lawmakers are seeking a lower number citing the $600 amount reduces the incentive of unemployed workers to pursue getting a job.


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