For decades we have been proponents of "Smell o Vision". You know, tv that allows you to smell what you're seeing. Now we need to expand that request to cover images that we see on the internet.


The 2020 World Championship Gumbo Cook-Off in New Iberia is going virtual. We all know you can't fully appreciate a good gumbo without the smell. Still, I think we will find a way to celebrate the brown bubbling elixir that has been known to soothe the hearts of many Louisianians even if it's only on the computer.

Organizers of the event reportedly waited as long as they could before making a decision to not hold an in-person event. But yesterday the event's Board of Directors opted to make that choice out of concern over public safety and health. As disappointing as it will be to not have the Gumbo Cook-Off to attend, I can appreciate the common sense thinking by the board.

Organizers say they are in the "working it out" phase of how to make the 2020 version of the World Gumbo Cook-Off virtual. I am sure they would welcome any ideas or suggestions that you may have. As long as those suggestions do not include the words "Disney Gumbo". That's just nasty.

By the way, the plan for 2021 is to hold the event in person. You can go ahead and pencil in October 9th and 10th of that year in your planner because after a year off you know those gumbo cooks are going to bring it even bigger when we can all come back together.


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