To address the fact that nearly 4 million people have moved to South Carolina in the past decade according to SC Sen. Goldfinch, he is proposing a new $500 "Yankee Tax" for new residents.

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South Carolina Yankee Tax

South Carolina Senator Stephen Goldfinch has proposed a new bill for his state called the "Yankee Tax" that, if passed, will require new residents to pay $500 to acquire a driver's license and register their vehicle.

Although it's being called a "Yankee Tax" it's not specifically aimed at people from northern states, the South Carolina "Yankee Tax" would be levied against anyone moving to SC from out of state, even Louisiana.

From the -

"If passed by state referendum, new residents moving from out-of-state to South Carolina would be required to pay two one-time fees, $250 for new driver’s licenses and $250 for vehicle registrations."

Sen. Goldfinch says the money raised from the "Yankee Tax" will be put toward infrastructure like roads, bridges, schools, and more.

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When you think about it that way, the "Yankee Tax" starts to make a little sense. With such a quick and large influx of people moving to South Carolina, making sure the state's infrastructure keeps up is really important.

According to, the latest census information shows over the past decade, 500,000 have moved to the palmetto state, which varies quite a bit from Sen. Goldfinch's claim of nearly 4 million.

Sen. Goldfinch tells -

"Our quality of life has been diminished by the almost 4 million people that have moved here in the last decade. And we anticipate another million people moving here in the next decade. Everybody is concerned about their quality of life."


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