Alright you love birds, here is a little heads up for you. If you are in a relationship and he or she calls you up and says, "we need to talk", then you need to hang up the phone and run fast fast.

A new survey out has found that you are more likely to get dumped on this particular date than other day of the year.

22% of people surveyed said they dumped someone on February 10th, which is exactly four days before Valentine's Day.

The reason? They didn't want to spend Valentine's Day pretending things were okay.

Now if you do get dumped today, it might just be a blessing in disguise. Another survey found that 4% of people say they'd hold off dumping someone until the day after Valentine's Day because they still want dinner and a nice gift!

And here's one final downer factoid about February 14th. One in 12 married men will buy a Valentine's Day gift for a woman other than their wife this year.

There you go you angels -- Happy Valentine's Day!!