There was a time when America wasn't this techno-savvy nation of smart butt tweating teenagers it has now become. There was once a time in this great land when people with talent didn't stand in line for hours for 30 seconds in front of Randy Jackson, J-Lo and that ugly older woman on American Idol. There was once a time called the 70's and we had our own talent competition. The Gong Show!

I loved the Gong Show, I still do. Chuck Barris was absolutely the worst game show host in history but that was just a small part of his genius. Chuck made the Gong Show, literally. He was its creator and in fact it was just one of many game shows Barris' gave Americas TV audience.

The Gong Show wasn't about angst filled teens or gender bending crooners, the Gong Show was about talent and lack of talent. It was like the show dared all of us in America to answer this question, 'How big of an ass are you willing to make of yourself for $516.32. That's right the top prize was a little over $500, not the $5 million you see Simon Cowell offering up on X-Factor.

The Gong show made stars out of virtual nobodies. There was the totally banned Popsicle Twins they were seen in the East Coast feed of the show but network censors wouldn't allow them to be shown on the west coast. The Gong show also featured The episode where every act sang Feelings.Then there was the  fabulous Gene Gene the Dancing Machine. If you remember Summer mornings at home watching TV in the 1970's come travel back in time with me. The Gong Show is on!

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