It's no secret that people in Louisiana love to drink wine. And we are lucky enough to have several vineyards around the state that produce stellar varieties of the vino. If you've never been on a tour, our friends at Louisiana Travel suggest that you should really take a spin on the Louisiana Wine Trail and see what we have to offer for the oenophiles (novice wine enthusiasts).

One of the most beautiful destinations in our state is Pontchartrain Vineyards, which is a 34.5 acre vineyard site just north of Covington at 81250 Highway 1082 in Bush, LA. And, according to their website, since 1991, they have been known for "creating quality wines that appeal to the culture, cuisine, and sensibilities of Southeast Louisiana." They also have an amazing live concert series each spring called "Jammin' in the Vines", which features some of our finest local and regional musicians.

But founder John Seago, who is 77, says it's time to pass along his love for the vineyard to the next generation, and he put it up for sale at $675,000. He tells "I haven’t given up my hope that some person would love the land and continue the vineyard. There is a tremendous opportunity to develop and grow grapes and produce wine.” Harvest for their first year yielded around 200 cases of wine, but that has since grown to an impressive 2,500 cases in recent years. Some of the wine stays locally and is sent to restaurants in New Orleans and the Northshore area.

But things have been different since 2005, and Seago tells that after Hurricane Katrina, the state changed distribution laws for local wineries, making restaurant and grocery sales much less than they were before.

So, if you've always wanted to own your own vineyard, now is your chance. Read more about the sale of Ponchartrain Vineyards from



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