We are a unique and wonderful culture here in the Bayou State. We have different food, art, music, people, and customs, and that's why we love living in the great state of Louisiana! But some folks might think it is 'weird' to do some of the things we take for granted every day.

Only in Louisiana has found some things that us regular citizens do all the time, and people who aren't from here would think were crazy, and definitely 'weird'. And FYI, I've done just about all of these! See how may you recognize below.


  • Make 'friends' with your neighbors in the swamp, the alligators. Actually I'm not so sure about this one(!)
  • To keep mosquitoes away, put pennies in a zip loc bag with water, and hang it on your porch, or above your table
  • Every town has their owned themed festival, or product 'The Crawfish Capital of the World' is Breaux Bridge, the 'Frog Capital of the World' is Rayne
  • We suck the heads, of course!
  • Avoid crimson (as in 'Tide') #GeauxTigers
  • 'Coke' means any soft drink available
  • Popeye's Fried Chicken and Biscuits is always appropriate to bring over for dinner
  • Between 12th Night and Fat Tuesday, we indulge in a treat that is iced in purple, green, and gold, and has a plastic baby baked inside it, or sitting on top
  • Sunday greetings always include screaming 'Who Dat!'
  • We put a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey, and it's delicious
  • We hold a parade for funerals and weddings, and call it a 'Second Line'



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