There aren't many things you can say with certainty. Among those that you can are, the sun will come up, some political candidate will say something stupid and your order from the drive thru will leave something important out.

Another thing that is a sure thing is that next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday you won't be feeling well and you won't know why. I know why and I am going to tell you why.

It's that stupid thing we do with the clocks twice a year called Daylight Saving Time.  What seems to be a very small change in time will wreck most of us for almost a week. Saturday night at bedtime or early Sunday morning if you're still up, you will roll the clock ahead one hour. That is when the confusion begins.

The human animal like all animals is sensitive to the sun and it's position in the sky. The amount of light and the electronic forces we can't see have an effect on our physical being. If you put us in the wrong place at a different time and our body and brain gets confused we start to feel bad. That's why you're going to be struggling next week.

The good news is the time change hangover will only last through midweek for most of us. If you happen to be an early morning DJ or a late night bartender or musician this change in time will take longer for you to adjust to. It's really hard to get to sleep with the sun streaming in the windows and the sounds of neighbors cutting grass and children  playing.

Regardless, we're going to change the darn clocks this Saturday night into Sunday morning. I wish we didn't have too but we do. So spring them forward  one hour or be ready to come up with a great excuse as to why you were late for church.


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