While Zac Brown Band has been in the spotlight for a few years now, with a total of three Grammys and a whole lot of success to go along with 'em, they're just happy that great music is shining in the ever-changing music industry.

Zac Brown, frontman for the band, is vocal about his views on the music scene. "I think everything runs in cycles," he explains (quote via The Boot). "You go through cycles of having some really not so great things go through, and it gets back to being real and back to the roots. It's great to have people who actually play their instruments, and sing and write their own songs and have real bands and things like that. It's time for a lot of that to come back around full circle."

Speaking of 'full circle', Brown is quick to give praise to other bands that have seen similar success. He says, "Mumford & Sons winning Album of the Year – they deserve it. They're one of my favorite bands ever. It's great to see that real music is getting the spotlight."

The bearded frontman and his band may also be putting out more 'real music' very soon in the form of not one, not two, but thee records, which will be exciting for fans who still have 'Uncaged' constantly on repeat.

"We're going to release a new album this year, a little later in the year, an acoustic record too," Brown announces (quote via Ashley Mann on Music Row). "We've been hanging out with T-Bone Burnett, he's playing in the band as well with us, I've been talking with him too. So, hopefully we'll get to do a project with him this year."

After an incredibly successful career, with records and fans and the chance to share the stage with music's biggest icons, we hope that Zac Brown Band continues to be the 'real music' that stays in the spotlight.

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