Dale Earnhardt was a racer. He was a hell of a driver but the bottom line is he was a racer. Those in the know say the worst place to be on a race track was between Dale Earnhardt and the finish line. Sadly we lost Dale in a crash at Daytona that still puzzles me to this day. Well because this America and when one door closes another door opens enter Zombie Dale Earnhardt. That's right a guy that looks enough like the real "Intimidator" to make you drop your beer and punch Jeff Gordon. Can you imagine the looks this guy gets walking through the motorhomes at the track? I would imagine more than a few NASCAR fans, in a drunken stupor, have sworn they just saw a ghost. No ghost, a real guy and he is getting married this week end at Bristol Motor Speedway. I wonder if his wife looks like that harpy the real Dale married and if they will have a marginally talented driver for a son. Oh wait, we can't blame Junior on Teresa can we.