The kids will love this.

Zoosiana invited me to the unveiling of their new train this week and it is great. Not only is it brand new and very colorful, but this new train is very comfortable.

You may notice from the photos in this story that the train is not on tracks like the old train, thus it makes for a very comfortable ride through the zoo.

The old train at Zoosiana was damaged in a fire back in May of 2018, but now guests are able to hop back on a new train and take a ride through parts of the zoo.

This new train was manufactured in Florida and is currently running on the weekends. Officials at the zoo tell me that they hope to have the train in operation all week long in the near future.

So, if you and the family plan to visit Zoosiana in Broussard over the weekend, be sure to hop on the train and check out the two monkeys who have their own island at the zoo.

I think you'll enjoy the ride.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

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