Babies are the traffic cops of our lives. They hold out a chubby tiny hand and we stop. No matter what we are doing, no matter what was allegedly important, no matter where we are we stop.

Babies know the pace of our lives is far to hectic that is what the Good Lord gave them to people like you and I so we would climb out of what we think is important and cherish what truly IS important.




To my ears there is no sweeter sound than the laughter of a child. I like laughter from people of all ages but when it comes from a tiny tot it makes my heart smile big and broadly. I hope this few minutes of happy will offset what ever bad has crept into your day. I hope you will share this little bit of light with your friends too. We all need a break from this rather cold and cruel world. I think we might have just found the perfect medicine for what is ailing us.