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Louisiana Man To Compete On 'Ninja Warrior' Wearing Shrimp Boots
In 2017, Chris Cambre came up short in the San Antonio region competing on American Ninja Warrior. Cambre is set to compete again, but this time he has a secret weapon. That's right, this time he says he's going to run the course wearing white rubber shrimp boots.
Would You Like A Fire Haircut? [Video]
Do you need a haircut? Would you like to let your barber set your hair on fire? If you answered "yes" to these questions, then this Indian "Fire Hair Cut" is exactly what you've been looking for.
'Hot Boudin' Song Is Everything You Need Right Now [Video]
"Hot Boudin" by locals Cypress City was released back in 2005, and I guess I was living under a rock, because I just heard this today. If you've never heard it, get ready to smile hard hard. If you've already heard it, you probably want to hear it again.
Old School USL Merch On eBay
I just did a quick search on eBay and found some great USL nostalgia. If you've been looking to take a trip down Ragin Cajun memory lane, look no further.
Margot Kidder Passes Away
The woman who was quite possibly your first movie crush, Margot Kidder has passed away at 69-years-old.
Facts You Might Not Know About Mother's Day
Happy Mother's day to all of our amazing moms! Hopefully your day is filled with good times, laughter and a lot of love. While you're gathered with family and friends, here are a few things about Mother's Day you might not know about this special day.