Have your kids decided what they are going to be for Halloween? If the answer is no, then you better get to steppin'!

And if they have no clue, it's ok, the internet is here to the rescue. Google just released a list of Halloween costumes that have gotten the most searches on Google Shopping so far this year.

If you need an idea, here you go. If you want to be original and help your kid win some lame costume contest, then you better get to thinking of something quick!

  1. Minions from Despicable Me
  2. Characters from Breaking Bad
  3. A fox...probably inspired from that stupid "What Does the Fox Say" viral video
  4. The cast of Duck Dynasty
  5. Miley Cyrus (eww!)
  6. Characters from Minecraft, a modern video game that looks old school
  7. Daenerys Targaryen, the princess with the dragons from Game of Thrones
  8. Batman
  9. 1920s-style dresses
  10. Daft Punk helmets